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We are made to be relational. We truly believe God created us to give and receive love.

Executive Matchmaking

Executive Matchmaking

Prestige Matchmaking Pros is passionate about helping people getting into happy and healthy relationships.

Our relationship consultants and matchmakers’ number one role is to take a sincere interest in our prospective clients during the interview.

Prestige Matchmaking Pros

When You Tell Us Your Story, We Connect

When You Tell Us Your Story, We Connect

We will listen about your life and connect with you as you share and disclose yourself to us, whether that includes your heartaches or triumphs.

In the warm meeting that we have with you, we’ll get to know you and what fascinates you. Based on this information, we provide private memberships to help you find your long-term relationship or marriage partner.

National and International Matchmaking with a hometown touch...

National and International Matchmaking with a hometown touch...

The reward of having a relationship far exceeds disappointments that we might face.

There might be times when we’re disappointed by others since we are all humans. All those are worth the risk! Ultimately, the reward of having a relationship - whether it's a friendship, parent-child relationship, or a romantic relationship - far exceeds those disappointments.

You'll never be the same again, because every time your lover looks at you and reminds you how special you are and how much they love being with you, you'll become a better person.

Prestige Matchmaking Pros

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Read what our happy customers are saying...

Ron N 6/26/2019

Linda can make it happen the forever after, need patience though

Richard S 6/8/2019

Linda is the consummate matchmaker. Besides individual matchmaking, she hosts fantastic Singles Mixers with food, live band and dancing. Linda and her Associates will go around and ask people who they want to talk too. What else could you ask for?

Mini R4/11/2019

For me the mixer went well. I enjoyed meeting people. I give it a 👍🏼!

Joe 4/11/2019

I had a nice time. Set in a tranquil atmosphere. Men to women ratio pretty even.

Linda c 2/11/2019

Safeness was my reason for attending and joining. The group gatherings and the dates have all been great time and experiences for me up to this point. Dating in your 50s is much different than your 20s. Know yourself and this will help you find your friend.

Melanie D 1/14/2019

Linda is truly devoted to her job! Her mixers provide a safe environment to meet other singles. The music is an added bonus

Don L 1/9/2019

Linda matched me with my lifelong love. The likelihood of us meeting would have been slim if not for Linda. Thank you Linda. We are having fun everyday!

Russ C 12/12/2018

After I had joined Linda's dating club, I was reluctant about the whole thing. As it turned out it was one of my better decisions! I have had a wonderful time with at least a dozen dates, who were hand selected for me, based on my "wish list" I could not be happier...Thank You Linda

Pat N 12/8/2018

With in a few months Linda had me matched to my husband. And January 1st will be our second anniversary

Ron N 2/6/2018

I thought I could find someone through online dating sites. Well that was over 10 years of my life wasted,…on and off. I didn’t want to pay for a service like yours…cheap right? Well telling the truth it was my biggest mistake not letting you drag me in for help. After several different hookups ( and you don’t hit a home run the first time at bat) but with work and communication, BINGO, I found the love of my life, PATRICIA, I’ll never be more thankful for you making me join Linda. Life is so good with Pat, thanks to you.

Steve f 12/4/2018

Sorry for late response was away ,the social gathering was nice but the ratio wasn't fitting.

Tom G 11/21/2018

Very nice party, great venue, just a little thin on eligible bachelorettes, for me at least... 🙂

Isabelle w 11/20/2018

Great evening very nice

Dana F 11/19/2018

Had a great time and look forward to doing it again.

Mark G 11/19/2018

Great time!!

Michelle 11/18/2018

Linda set matched me with one man in October 2016...I married that man in July of 2018 and couldn't be happier! We were basically opposites in the real world (never would have met each other without help) and ended up complementing each other in every way due to the personality strategies and experience Linda exercised!